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NEW Season 2014

Posted by Janvanderstraeten84 on September 20, 2014 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (160)

Hello everybody, 

I know this page is probably the least visited of everything we do with the Portland Sasquatch. No worries! This is just a page to discover newbies and specifics behind the scenes. Only the very interested amongst you will find this, this is meant for you! 

In 2014 we have facebook updates, website updates and an updated e-mail list. All Sasquatch members are usually connected via MSN messenger app on smartphones as well. A twitter account will soon go online.... another new thing this year will be a craigslist posting for new players! Hopefully we get lucky and can attract some wonderful players again. 

We are also amidst of becoming more official. We had a meeting and decide on president, secretary, event manager, treasurer, head coach and assist coaches. In our group we left some room for other members. These people will be our active core to ensure a good working for our club. 

We are also in the midst of becoming a non-profit. We have enlisted the name PORTLAND SASQUATCH as a team. We own that name! We are cool like that. Next step: Finding sponsors; We should all be looking out for this! 

Tournaments: Our overall estimate is that we want to do Vancouver, San Fransisco, Portland and Nationals. This will probably cost you 1200$ per person to do them all to our calculations, making the finding of a sponsor even more important. On top of that we have to pay USATH a group fee around 200$ and an individual fee of 70$. To cover the group fee we will be asking money to come to practice for the first time ever: 25$ per 1/2 season. Another 25$ for the next 1/2 and then 10 or 15$ for the remainder. This also means no more hustle for 5$ left and right. 

We will have to work all together to get all this stuff done, but I am sure we can manage that. GO SASQUATCH

Happy New Year !

Posted by Janvanderstraeten84 on December 23, 2013 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Happy New Year everybody, 

Celebrating a new year usually means celebrating new beginnings. 
For the Portland SASQUATCH there is a lot of new in 2014. 

A new practice facility. 
A new practice day.
A new practice hour.
A new website. 
A couple of new faces (and hopefully many will follow). 
Playing against new teams.
New experiences. 
New adventures. 
New friends.

Shortly, a new(er) Portland SASQUATCH! 
Our hope is, however, that in 2014 a lot of the new, becomes the old and established. 
So, to new beginnings and a Happy New Year for everyody