International Handball Federation

It's all in the name with this one. The international governing body and a source of information on the globalization of our exciting sport.

European Handball Television

This link will lead you to Europe's largest leagues and the highest level of club Team Handball on the planet. With some digging you can find full match videos via their ehfeuro YouTube account.

Team Handball 

The official website of Team USA. Follow everything going on in the burgeoning American Team Handball scene and become affiliated with the national governing body.

You've searched for handball on YouTube and want more than the London 2012 Olympic games? On this website you can download or stream finales between 2002-2014.

Handball planet

Probably the biggest Team Handball fan page in the world, and the easiest to navigate as well. Spend some time with this one, see what you can learn and be welcomed to the world of handball!


This year, Porltand Sasquatch will start up a handbal club in the German American Shool of Portland. 15 kids will be practicing every Tuesday for 1 hour with our own `in house` specialist Jan Vanderstraeten to become our future Olympians!